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Have you ever thought about what the numbers on a Pincode represent? Or how an area Pincode is decided? If yes then you are in the right place.

This site not only provides you with answers to the above-mentioned questions but everything you need to know about Pincode. The site is designed exclusively to help you find the correct Pincode of any region in India.

What is Pincode?

The letters PIN stands for postal index number that is widely used by post office all over India for sorting of letters and other packages. Pincode or postal index number used for sorting of letters by post office contains 6 numbers. Each number of Pincode has significance.

A glance into the history of the Pincode...

Pincode was introduced in the 19th century by Shriram Bhikaji Velankar. Mr. Velankar was an additional secretary in the union ministry of communication. The main reason for the introduction of the Pincode was to make the manual sorting of letters and packages simple and effective. Pincode aimed at removing the confusion in delivering the mails due to illegible handwriting, language used, the similarity in names, and incomplete or incorrect addresses.

Though we live in an era where writing or posting of letters is very limited yet Pincode has not lost its importance. Even today every single individual uses Pincode when writing addresses on various government and private application forms and while engaging in online shopping.

How does Pincode work?

The Pincode was designed and introduced keeping in mind the number coding system. In this system, every number in the code represents a particular place or object. Similarly, a Pincode consists of six digits each representing a particular place. The combination of six digits in a Pincode enables the post offices to decide the destination to which the package needs to be routed to be delivered.

Under the Pincode number coding system, the entire country is divided into 8 regional zones and one functional zone.

Out of six digits in the PinCode, the first digit indicates the nine zones mentioned earlier in the article. And the second digit of the Pincode represents the sub-region of India. The combination of the first two digits with the third digit helps us identify the sorting district within the region.

And finally, the last three digits of the Pincode indicates the post office to which the letter or package needs to be routed for delivery.

In simple terms, the first three digits of a Pincode together represent the financial district to which the post has to be routed. And the last three digits of the Pincode together show the actual post office to which the letter is to be delivered for further process.

Benefits of Pincode

1. It helps in identifying the post office to which the letter or parcel is routed for delivery
2. Easy tracking of delivery location is possible through Pincode
3. Offers a better understanding of parcel transmission and working of post offices In India
4. Pincode provides an excellent means of connectivity between various regions in India.

What does do?

The answer to this question is very simple. The site is uniquely designed to help individuals identify the Pincode of any region in India. is a user-friendly site to help individuals, companies and other organizations to know the correct Pincode of the place to which they are sending a letter or any other packages.

Email and mobile conversations are the most preferred way to communicate in today's world but one cannot exclude postal communication. Even today several companies, banks, and other government organizations use post offices to send out important documents, memos, application forms, etc to individuals living all over India. Hence, it is vital that the address includes the correct Pincode for proper delivery.

Recognizing the role played by Pincode in delivery services the site was designed to enable people to identify area Pincode of any region in India. To find out the Pincode of any region in India select the state, district, sub-district and region from the options provided on the menu.

For instance, if you are looking for the Pincode of the Vijayanagar region in Bangalore then you need to select the state and district to which it belongs. In the case of Vijayanagar, the region belongs to the Karnataka state and Bangalore district. You need to follow the same procedure for finding out the Pincode of any region in India.