Kerala Pin Code (केरल पिन कोड)

Kerala Pin code and Post Office List by District and City

Kerala PIN Code or Postal Index Number is a 6-digit code that specifies the area of an assigned post office in every area in Kerala. There are 8 PIN regions across India. The first digit of the Kerala pin code is the symbol of the region. The sub-region is specified in the first 2 digits of Kerala pin code “67”. The first 3 digits indicate revenue or sorting district. Finally, the last 3 digit i.e “001” refers to the post office for delivery. Along with Tamil nadu, Pondicherry, Andhra pradesh, Lakshadweep and Kerala pin code is specified in region 6.

The postal circle of Kerala is 67. Hence all the Kerala pin code starts with 67. There are 6371 post offices across Kerala. A lot of areas come under one post office. Listed here are the post offices in Kerala as well as the areas they cover. The detailed info here is a reference from the official website of India Post. Please visit the official website for recent changes and updates.

The state of Kerala consists of 14 districts. There are 6371 post offices in total across all the 14 districts stretched over the state. Each Kerala pin code is unique as given by the concerned post office. Each state has a specific pin code and the first two digits indicate the state. The rest of the digits indicate post offices and districts. Keep in mind that Kerala pin code starts with two digits between 67.

Kerala Pin Code Summary

The table given above provides Kerala pin code of all post offices across the city which is grouped on districts. You just have to click the name of a district whose pin code and post office you need to find. By clicking the link, you can access the page of the district which displays the pin codes and names of post offices.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Kerala

Q. How Many Post offices are in Kerala?

A. All the districts in Kerala have 6371 post offices in total stretched around the state.

Q. What are the first 2 digits of Kerala Pin Code?

A. Since there are 6371 postal circles in Kerala, all the pin codes in Kerala start with 67.

Q. How Many Branch Offices in Kerala?

A. There are total 4081 branch offices of India Post in Kerala.

Q. How Many Head Offices in Kerala?

A. There are 75 head offices of India Post in Kerala.